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The day job, the daily grind, the nine to five…whatever you call it, we all know that the end of the working day can be the most hectic time of day.  The commute, the kids, the spouse, the dog, let alone dinner.  Five to Nine Creations was born on the idea that homemade is possible, even after a full day on the job.  As working mothers ourselves, we strive to make creative and quick dinner recipe solutions, as well as other fun and easy homemade items.  This blog was started in order to share our inspirations with you. 
Our story started when we met around the ages of 1 and 2.  We grew up 2 doors apart.  As kids, we spent, hours upon hours together playing imaginary games like “house”, pretending to cook and clean.  Yes, we were that awesome even back then.  Flash forward 30 some years, and we are still best buds.  Whether it be cooking classes, wine making, or our annual Christmas Gift Making Day, our friendship seems to often revolve around our passion of cooking, crafting, and creating!
Becky and Kelly

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By day, Kelly works a full time job as a Grants Management Specialist.  She loves to play Super Mario Brothers with her 4 year old son, Preston, and chase around her 1 year old son, Nolan.  Her husband, Garey, is a full time taste tester for Five to Nine Creations, pro bono.  In her spare time, Kelly enjoys crocheting, catching up with friends, and cooking, of course!  Get in touch with Kelly at kelly@fivetoninecreations.com
Becky is a full time elementary school teacher by day and a wife and mother by night. She loves to spend time reading and singing (very poorly!) with her 2 year old daughter, Charlotte. Her husband, Michael, is a supportive and patient husband, tasting and critiquing her recipes to help improve them! During her free time, Becky enjoys reading, spending time with loved ones and family, and cooking and creating!  Contact becky at becky@fivetoninecreations.com