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Presenter:  Becky Introduction: So I have a confession……I LOVE puff pastry! I just do! I love the buttery texture, the crispness when it is cooked, and the versatility of it.  You can put ANYTHING in it! This is one of… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: My sister-in-law Lisa and I put these simple grilled steak kabobs together on Mother’s Day then my hubby grilled them.  They were simple and delicious. This same method could be used with any protein and veggies.  Resources:… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: I shared my pizza making tips on the blog a few months ago, and for some reason never got around to actually sharing the fool proof pizza dough recipe itself! This is my dad’s recipe and it… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: I am always looking for quick, easy, and of course delicious side dishes.  Being healthy is a bonus! My cousin posted a picture of a side dish on Facebook that she has been making lately and it… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: During the warmer months we grill out.  A lot! I love the nights when I can prep the meal early and have my hubby grill it outside and all I have to do is make a side… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: We are headed to Vegas in a few weeks, so the hubs and I have been limiting  carbs (well trying to!) in preperation for fitting into “summer” clothing! So, I have been cooking lunch yummies to help… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  As I have talked about several times over the last year, we love pizza in our house! Sometimes I like to change it up and make calzones instead of pizza.  A calzone is like a stuffed pizza… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I have talked about this before, but I will say it again, my life is crazy busy these days! During the week I need quick and easy meals I can put on the table, or I won’t… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  This recipe was born out of a craving! We were headed to a party and I was tasked with bringing an appitizer and I had a craving for Italian subs.  I knew that would not be feasible,… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I started making these delicious chicken bacon ranch baked egg rolls years ago. The always a hit and are super easy to make, especially on a weeknight. I make many different varieties of baked egg rolls, but… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  This easy and flavorful roasted chicken leg quarters are delicious enough for company, but east enough for a weeknight meal.  Add a simple salad and you have a fantastic meal! We LOVE bone-in chicken quarters or chicken… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  Oven roasted chickpeas have quicly become a go to for me since it is a new year and I decided that I need to take a ride on the healthy train! However, I am a  snacker, so I… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  Many years ago my friend Erin shared this recipe for her families baked spaghetti casserole with me and I have given it to many other friends.  I have made a few changes over the years to suit… Continue Reading →

Homemade Holiday Gift Guide Project 4:  Mason Jar Salad Dressing Kelly and I decided that we were going to try something new this year, and salad dressing in a jar seemed like the perfect thing to try! It turned out… Continue Reading →

Homemade Holiday Gift Guide Project 3:  Peppermint Bark This is another recipe Kelly and I go back to year after year.  It is always a hit, and super easy to make! The flavors of chocolate and peppermint is a classic… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I am a mac & cheese junky! I love it! This is another dish I grew up eating, but again my husband thinks I came from a strange planet because I had never tasted the blue box… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  If you haven’t been able to tell yet, family traditions and memory making is very important to me! Anything I can do to make a memory with my daughter and husband, I am all for it! One… Continue Reading →

Today’s Memo: Pizza Making Tips I grew up in a family where we very rarely ordered pizza.  We always had homemade pizza! My father put himself through college working at a local pizza “joint” and developed a love of pizza… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I’m baaaaaaaack! Well, it’s been a few weeks since I have last posted, or even cooked for that matter! In the last month we moved into our new house and are adjusting to our new normal of… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: This Sautéed Sweet Corn is a great use up for that farmers market corn or even frozen corn, if fresh isn’t available.  It is one of our favorite weeknight side veggie side dishes because it is so… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: My sister in law, Lisa, shared this Unfried Chicken recipe with me years ago and it is delicious! I have made a few flavoring tweaks here and there, but you can add whatever you want to the… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: I love salad and for some reason I always think salads out taste better than the salads I make.  Well, I wanted to change that mentality so I took all the flavors I loved in various salads… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: I am always looking for quick and easy side dishes to go with a variety of meats.  I was never a fan of cooked carrots growing up, but roasted with a sweet glaze to tender crisp, and these… Continue Reading →

 Presenter: Becky Introduction: One of my closest friends, Lisa, shared this taco pie recipe with me years ago.  We have tweaked it over time and it has become one of our family favorites.  I consider myself a pretty good cook… Continue Reading →

Presenter: Becky Introduction: I obviously enjoy cooking and baking so I will often volunteer to bring dessert to parties/cookouts we attend.  This particular easy recipe has become a fast favorite! These strawberries are awesome on their own or with a… Continue Reading →

 Presenter: Becky Introduction: I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a whirlwind spring for our family! We decided to put our house on the market to see if we could see and buy a bigger house, and it all happened so quickly… Continue Reading →

   Presenter: Becky Introduction: So, spring and summer are our favorite seasons for many reasons.  Most of which involve cookouts and having an excuse to eat yummy food and drink fruity drinks with our friends and family.  I mean who… Continue Reading →

   Presenter: Becky Introduction: In the last 6 weeks we have decided to put our house on the market, prepared our house for listing, had an open house, showings, a contract on our house, put a contract on a new… Continue Reading →

 Presenter: Becky Introduction: It seems to be a theme with me the past few weeks, but I have been cooking a lot of Italian food! Maybe it is my subtle way of telling the hubby I need an Italian vacation… Continue Reading →

  Presenter: Becky Introduction: Being a busy working wife/mom, I am exhausted at the end of the day. I don’t want to spend what little time we have in the evenings trying to figure out what to make for dinner… Continue Reading →

Presenter: Becky Introduction: Ever since I was young, I LOVED going to those Japanese Steakhouses where they cook the food in front of you.  I don’t know if it was the onion rings made into a volcano or the flying shrimp… Continue Reading →

Presenter: Becky Introduction: After a long week of work, one of our favorite things to do is go out to a Mexican restaurant and have a great drink, good company, and delicious food! We LOVE the salsa you get out… Continue Reading →

  Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I LOVE to cook! If I am stressed, need to figure something out, am bored, or am just plain old happy and want to share my happiness with those I love, I will cook or bake!… Continue Reading →

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