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Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on here to post!  February, it seems, as many of my friends have pointed out!  By some miracle, I seem to have a little extra time on my hands… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: I’ve made my own marinara sauce for years.  Sometimes I use canned tomatoes and sauce, but this time of year, I love to use fresh tomatoes.  Though time got away from us this year, in many years… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: During the warmer months we grill out.  A lot! I love the nights when I can prep the meal early and have my hubby grill it outside and all I have to do is make a side… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Every time I buy a rotisserie chicken, I always feel some sort of guilt when we don’t eat off every last bit of meat.  We do our best, but it always seems like there is still so… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: I can’t believe Christmas is in just 4 days!  This year, it’s my turn to cook.  Instead of ham, which I never quite got the taste for, I have begun my own tradition of lasagna for Christmas… Continue Reading →

Homemade Holiday Gift Guide Project 6:  Vanilla Extract This is the last up in our series of homemade holiday gifts!!  I hope you enjoyed everything we’ve created along the way.  Of course you can see all of our gifts here.   … Continue Reading →

Homemade Holiday Gift Guide Project 4:  Mason Jar Salad Dressing Kelly and I decided that we were going to try something new this year, and salad dressing in a jar seemed like the perfect thing to try! It turned out… Continue Reading →

Homemade Holiday Gift Guide Project 2:  Rosemary Garlic Salt So as I mentioned previously, in the Reindeer Treats Project, although we always try out some new recipes, Becky and I also like to go back to some old favorites.  Over the years on… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Few things in this world are more delicious than garlic.  Ok.  Maybe one thing…roasted garlic!  For those of you who have not tried roasting it, you are missing out!  It’s really my favorite way to prepare garlic.  The… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction:  I love to make my own seasonings when I can.  They are easy to make, fresh, and I know exactly what is going into them.  Flavored salts, in particular, are one of my go to kitchen staples.  I… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: I think steak is often the forgotten meat when it comes to marinade.  Since steak tends to be high in fat, it is quite flavorful even without it.  Marinating, along with some other tips, however, can take… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: As you know, our family loves to pick our own berries.  July’s in season berry is of course blueberries.  Our favorite local farm for pick-your-own blueberries is Frog Eye Blueberry Farm in Knoxville, MD.  After our first… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: If you would have talked to me a month ago, I would have told you, I don’t understand freezer jam.  Jam belongs in the pantry, until opened and placed in the refrigerator for consumption.   I mean, the very… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: In the summertime, I keep a large potted planter full of herbs parked on my deck, right outside the kitchen door.  It’s so nice to be able to open the door and add a fresh, flavorful final… Continue Reading →

Presenter: Becky Introduction: Ever since I was young, I LOVED going to those Japanese Steakhouses where they cook the food in front of you.  I don’t know if it was the onion rings made into a volcano or the flying shrimp… Continue Reading →

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