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Presenter:  Kelly Introductions: I finally had a chance to organize all my pictures from the past few months.  In a digital world, with pictures in abundance, I often struggle to keep them organized.  Remember the olden days with huge piles of… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: I’ve made my own marinara sauce for years.  Sometimes I use canned tomatoes and sauce, but this time of year, I love to use fresh tomatoes.  Though time got away from us this year, in many years… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Is it really August 8th already?  I’m really not sure where this summer has gone.  Preston, my oldest, starts Kindergarten in less than 3 weeks!  It’s really hard to believe.  While I’m a little sad he’s becoming… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: It’s been WAY too long since I’ve been on here sharing with everyone.  This blog is one of the creative outlets in my life, and of late, life has been way too busy for creativity!  With the end… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: A few weeks ago, we were shopping at Super Target…like we do all too often.  I do love that they have a full grocery store right in the Target…along with beer and wine!  Yay, Virginia!  While browsing… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: My sister-in-law Lisa and I put these simple grilled steak kabobs together on Mother’s Day then my hubby grilled them.  They were simple and delicious. This same method could be used with any protein and veggies.  Resources:… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: I am rejoicing that grilling season is upon us!  From grilled meats, to vegetables, and even fruit, the grill is our staple method of cooking in the warmer months.  I love that there is basically no clean… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: I shared my pizza making tips on the blog a few months ago, and for some reason never got around to actually sharing the fool proof pizza dough recipe itself! This is my dad’s recipe and it… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Over the course of the next week, I will be attending 2 5-year old birthday parties!  As the mother of boys, I had a revelation this week, while shopping for these girly presents.  Apparently Sophia the First… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: We are headed to Vegas in a few weeks, so the hubs and I have been limiting  carbs (well trying to!) in preperation for fitting into “summer” clothing! So, I have been cooking lunch yummies to help… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  As I have talked about several times over the last year, we love pizza in our house! Sometimes I like to change it up and make calzones instead of pizza.  A calzone is like a stuffed pizza… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Casseroles are such comfort food.  Pasta and meat coated in a creamy sauce.  Yum.  What’s not to love?  They are especially great for the weeknights because they can be prepped on the weekend and then baked off in the… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I have talked about this before, but I will say it again, my life is crazy busy these days! During the week I need quick and easy meals I can put on the table, or I won’t… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Every time I buy a rotisserie chicken, I always feel some sort of guilt when we don’t eat off every last bit of meat.  We do our best, but it always seems like there is still so… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: We eat a lot of chicken in our house.  It’s lean and versatile.  My favorite way to prepare it is on the stove top – one skillet with easy clean up.  I find it the most effective… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I started making these delicious chicken bacon ranch baked egg rolls years ago. The always a hit and are super easy to make, especially on a weeknight. I make many different varieties of baked egg rolls, but… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  This easy and flavorful roasted chicken leg quarters are delicious enough for company, but east enough for a weeknight meal.  Add a simple salad and you have a fantastic meal! We LOVE bone-in chicken quarters or chicken… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  Many years ago my friend Erin shared this recipe for her families baked spaghetti casserole with me and I have given it to many other friends.  I have made a few changes over the years to suit… Continue Reading →

Today’s Memo: Pizza Making Tips I grew up in a family where we very rarely ordered pizza.  We always had homemade pizza! My father put himself through college working at a local pizza “joint” and developed a love of pizza… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I’m baaaaaaaack! Well, it’s been a few weeks since I have last posted, or even cooked for that matter! In the last month we moved into our new house and are adjusting to our new normal of… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction:  I almost always buy a 6 pack of bell peppers when shopping at Sam’s club, which is more often then I’d care to admit.   My family loves them, they stay fresh for quite some time, and the package… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: On this blog, I usually try to stick with recipes that are easy and quick to make after work, which is why Becky and I chose to name the blog Five to Nine Creations.  When I come across something really tasty, though,… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: My sister in law, Lisa, shared this Unfried Chicken recipe with me years ago and it is delicious! I have made a few flavoring tweaks here and there, but you can add whatever you want to the… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: I love salad and for some reason I always think salads out taste better than the salads I make.  Well, I wanted to change that mentality so I took all the flavors I loved in various salads… Continue Reading →

Presenter: The Kitchenette Cook Introduction: This dish is a great way to branch out and try new grains, like barley.  I like that it is virtually a no prep, no clean-up side, which can be easily doubled or tripled for a full… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: I think steak is often the forgotten meat when it comes to marinade.  Since steak tends to be high in fat, it is quite flavorful even without it.  Marinating, along with some other tips, however, can take… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: We are so lucky to have the daycare provider that we do.  So lucky, in fact, that we have used the same daycare for the past 4.5 years and plan to use it until Nolan, goes to… Continue Reading →

 Presenter: Becky Introduction: One of my closest friends, Lisa, shared this taco pie recipe with me years ago.  We have tweaked it over time and it has become one of our family favorites.  I consider myself a pretty good cook… Continue Reading →

   Presenter: Becky Introduction: In the last 6 weeks we have decided to put our house on the market, prepared our house for listing, had an open house, showings, a contract on our house, put a contract on a new… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: One of my favorite appetizers at a Thai restaurant is Chicken Satay.  Regardless of the fact that everyone loves skewed meat (yum), the side of peanut sauce served with the satay is amazing!  I could dip any… Continue Reading →

  Presenter: Becky Introduction: Being a busy working wife/mom, I am exhausted at the end of the day. I don’t want to spend what little time we have in the evenings trying to figure out what to make for dinner… Continue Reading →

  Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I LOVE to cook! If I am stressed, need to figure something out, am bored, or am just plain old happy and want to share my happiness with those I love, I will cook or bake!… Continue Reading →

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