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Side Dishes

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: I am always looking for quick, easy, and of course delicious side dishes.  Being healthy is a bonus! My cousin posted a picture of a side dish on Facebook that she has been making lately and it… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: One thing that I love about this blog is not only introducing people to new recipes, but also introducing them to ingredients that they may have never tried to cook themselves.  This week, I’m serving up one… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I am a mac & cheese junky! I love it! This is another dish I grew up eating, but again my husband thinks I came from a strange planet because I had never tasted the blue box… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: I feel like Brussel sprouts are the current trendy vegetable.  They are popping up all over restaurant menus now a days.  Never did I think I’d see the day where I would order Brussel sprouts while dining out,… Continue Reading →

  Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: I think I inherited my love for cooking from my Grandmothers.  Both of them liked to cook.  They were both “famous” among family for their recipes…stuffing, spaghetti sauce, and my favorite from my maternal Grandma, apple… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: This Sautéed Sweet Corn is a great use up for that farmers market corn or even frozen corn, if fresh isn’t available.  It is one of our favorite weeknight side veggie side dishes because it is so… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: I love salad and for some reason I always think salads out taste better than the salads I make.  Well, I wanted to change that mentality so I took all the flavors I loved in various salads… Continue Reading →

Presenter: The Kitchenette Cook Introduction: This dish is a great way to branch out and try new grains, like barley.  I like that it is virtually a no prep, no clean-up side, which can be easily doubled or tripled for a full… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction: I am always looking for quick and easy side dishes to go with a variety of meats.  I was never a fan of cooked carrots growing up, but roasted with a sweet glaze to tender crisp, and these… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: We are so lucky to have the daycare provider that we do.  So lucky, in fact, that we have used the same daycare for the past 4.5 years and plan to use it until Nolan, goes to… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly (with inspiration from Becky!) Introduction: Although I consider myself a good cook, one thing that I’ve always struggled to make is rice!  I’ve tried steaming…boiling…I have even invested in a rice cooker that I managed to break!  Somehow, it… Continue Reading →

 Presenter: Becky Introduction: I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a whirlwind spring for our family! We decided to put our house on the market to see if we could see and buy a bigger house, and it all happened so quickly… Continue Reading →

 Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Greek yogurt seems to be everywhere these days.  Trust me, I’m not complaining.  As a lover of sour cream, though a mayo hater, Greek yogurt makes a great healthy (and quite tasty) substitute for both these ingredients.  For… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Have you ever tried the cinnamon apples side dish at the popular chain restaurant Chili’s?  They’re delicious.  Chunks of tenderly cooked apples, glazed in a pool of hot gooey, cinnamony, caramely sauce.  *dreamy pause*  Ok, back to… Continue Reading →

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