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Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: A few weeks ago, we had a welcome party at work for all the newbies that started within the last 2 months or so.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to try this new recipe –… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Many moons ago, I was given this Caramel Corn recipe by a friend at work.  His sister had made it for him, and he brought it into the office to share.  I was instantly in love, as… Continue Reading →

  Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Finally, it feels like May outside.  I’m taking advantage by blogging out on our deck at home.  I have the flower boxes full of petunias and geraniums.  The sun has just set, so the air is… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: We just booked a cruise for mid-June, and we are all looking forward to it.  Preston, in particular, is beyond excited and insisted we make a count down 70 some days in advance!  Pretty much every time he… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  This recipe was born out of a craving! We were headed to a party and I was tasked with bringing an appitizer and I had a craving for Italian subs.  I knew that would not be feasible,… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  I started making these delicious chicken bacon ranch baked egg rolls years ago. The always a hit and are super easy to make, especially on a weeknight. I make many different varieties of baked egg rolls, but… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Becky Introduction:  Oven roasted chickpeas have quicly become a go to for me since it is a new year and I decided that I need to take a ride on the healthy train! However, I am a  snacker, so I… Continue Reading →

Homemade Holiday Gift Guide Project 1:  Reindeer Treats (aka Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels) Six years ago, Becky and I began a tradition of a full day of holiday gift making.  This day is the day of all days.  A holiday… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: Fall and winter always reintroduce so many recipes that I put in the back of my mind for the summer months.  Most particularly, hot appetizers.  So often, for parties and get-togethers, hot appetizers become my dinner.  Growing… Continue Reading →

  Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: I think I inherited my love for cooking from my Grandmothers.  Both of them liked to cook.  They were both “famous” among family for their recipes…stuffing, spaghetti sauce, and my favorite from my maternal Grandma, apple… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly Introduction: It’s everyone’s favorite time of year….pumpkin spice season!  I know I’m excited and this Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake Spread will not disappoint.  I made this for the first time a couple of days ago.  My youngest son Nolan… Continue Reading →

Presenter: Becky Introduction: I obviously enjoy cooking and baking so I will often volunteer to bring dessert to parties/cookouts we attend.  This particular easy recipe has become a fast favorite! These strawberries are awesome on their own or with a… Continue Reading →

Presenter:  Kelly      Introduction:  Welcome Spring!!  I am so looking forward to tulips, daffodils, and the Easter Bunny.  The last of the snow has melted away, and I believe *fingers crossed* that Mother Nature has finally told Old Man Winter to hit the road!  There… Continue Reading →

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