Presenter:  Kelly


Since a spa treatment is a rare splurge for me, one of my husband’s go-to gifts for special occasions for me is a spa gift card.  It’s honestly my favorite gift (hint hint).  He knows that I especially like to treat myself to the spa on vacations, so often times, he will buy me a gift card for a spa that is local to our vacation rental.  A few years ago, this was Inis Spa on Topsail Island, NC.   

That year, a very generous gift card was enough for a massage and pedicure!  Of course, the massage was fabulous, but what caught my attention was a foot mask that they used during the pedicure.  They rubbed on the coarse scrub, but then left it on my feet for about 15 minutes with some rather attractive (sarcasm) plastic booties before washing it off.  This left my feet so soft!  Here is my version of the foot mask, sans plastic booties, perfect for sandal season.


  • Electric mixer
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Large mixing bowl


Operating Procedures:

With your electric mixer, beat the coconut oil until light and fluffy.  Next, you will want to mix in the oils and honey.  Once combined, stir in the salt.  It’s that simple.



Using about a tablespoon of scrub, gently exfoliate onto damp feet.  Let sit on your feet for about 15 minutes before washing off with warm water only, allowing any remaining oils to absorb into skin – perfect right before bed time!!  Pat feet dry with towel.  I like to do this while getting a bath and relaxing my feet on the edge of the tub or just sitting tub side.    Be careful as the tub might be slippery after washing off. 

Closing Remarks:

This foot mask makes a great homemade by giving it in a decorative jar.  Make sure to make some extra for yourself though!