Homemade Holiday Gift Guide

Project 2:  Rosemary Garlic Salt


So as I mentioned previously, in the Reindeer Treats Project, although we always try out some new recipes, Becky and I also like to go back to some old favorites.  Over the years on our holiday gift making day, we’ve created many meat rubs and flavored salts.  This is the second year, however, that we decided to make this Rosemary Garlic Salt. 

The flavors in this salt are amazing.  It’s great to add to meat, pasta, vegetables, and just about every other savory dish that you can think off.  People loved it so much last year, that they were asking us to make it again this year!  That’s when you know you have a hit on your hands.

Now, we make this salt in huge batches.  I’m talking GINORMOUS – two boxes worth of kosher salt, 2 large Costco bags of peeled garlic, and enough rosemary to choke a horse.  This year, we got smarter though, and instead of buying individual bunches of rosemary, we bought a rosemary Christmas tree from Wegman’s.  This gave us enough rosemary for the salt, and for about the same amount of money as the individual bunches, hopes and dreams of keeping the tree alive in my yard for future harvestings.  Stay tuned…

To Create: 

For this recipe, I personally like to keep the ratio of salt to additives to about 2:1.  I realize, however, that can yield some intense garlic flavor.  So, to start out, I would suggesting adding 1/4 c. of minced garlic + 1 T. minced rosemary to 1 cup of salt.  If you prefer a stronger flavor, add up to 1/2 c. garlic and 2 T. rosemary to the cup of salt.  Lay the salt mixture on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 200 degrees for about an hour.  This will help to dry out the garlic so the mixture isn’t sticky.  Let it cool completely before adding to jars. 


To Decorate: 

This year, we decided to use these Snap Top Jars from Michaels.  Each jar holds about 2 oz. of contents.  To adorn them as we did, print our Rosemary Garlic Salt template and cut just under the text in 2 inch strips.  The words will be at the very bottom of each strip.  You will also need to cut a strip of holiday scrapbook paper in a 1 1/2 in strip. Using double sided tape, secure the paper strips together around the jar so that a 1/4 inch of the bottom paper shows through on both the top and bottom.  Finally, use festive Washi Tape to go around the jar once before adding a 3D sticker.