Presenter:  Kelly and Kiddos


I’m always looking for quick kid’s activities to do around the house.  I’m a huge creator/crafter, but somehow neither of my children seemed to inherit that gene.  Whenever I pull out anything the least bit creative, Preston and Nolan tend to last about 5 minutes, while I’m left crafting alone for long afterwards. 

Since Preston has always been very interested in our backyard visitors – mostly bunnies, birds, and frogs – creating this Suet Bird Feeder holds his attention for the 5 to 10 minutes it takes to throw together.  The birds love it, but just make sure to make it during cooler weather so that it doesn’t melt!!  The birds get a special treat and you get to eat bacon.  Bacon really does make everything better.  🙂

For this project, you will need some sort of bag with holes in it – such as a produce bag.  I used a bag that my lemons came in.  You want something that the birds can easily eat the seeds through.  Since my seeds were pretty small, this lemon bag worked perfectly.  Since the bag opened up like a tube, I doubled it over and secured one side with a twist tie and the other with a long string of twine – long enough to tie onto a Shepherd’s hook out in the yard.  Of course, this was all done only after crowning ourselves king…


“I do now pronounce you King.”


  • Mixing bowl
  • Spatula
  • Tall cup
  • Measuring cups
  • String and/or twist ties


  • Room temperature bacon fat leftover from a pound of cooked bacon
  • 1 c. bird seed, or slightly more depending on size of seed and amount of bacon fat
  • Produce bag with large holes (as explained above)

Operating Procedures:

In a large mixing bowl, let the kids mix together the bacon fat and bird seed.  You want just enough seed so that the mix will still stick to itself.  Start with 1 cup of seed and gradually add more, if needed.  With the rope of twist tie, secure the bottom of the bag, if needed. 


Place the bag in a large cup and fill with the mix.  Place the filled cup in the refrigerator or outside (if cold out) to let set.  Close up the bag with a string and then hang on a Shepherd’s hook for the bird to enjoy.


Closing Remarks:

It may take the birds a couple of days to find and trust the bird feeder, particularly if it’s in an area where seed has never been placed.  Be patient.  I like to place mine within view of a window from the house so that the kids can see the birds eating it.  Always entertaining!