Presenter:  Kelly


I’ve been crocheting for quite some time – my mom taught me in my teenage years, her grandmother taught her.  I guess it runs in the family!  In the past few years, however, it’s become more of my staple hobby.  So much so, that I started my own Etsy site, Aubrecht and Co. 

To go along with my crocheting (and all creations really), I’ve discovered my love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I know I’m not alone here.  I often find inspiration for my crochet patterns through Pinterest.  So many times, though, particularly with crochet patterns, I click to find just a picture, or no instructions for a pattern, or even worse, a realization that this new must-have pattern is actually knit! Thus, recently, I’ve jumped into writing my own patterns as I create custom items. 

This purse pattern, created by me, was inspired by a knitted pattern that I found on Pinterest.  It’s quite easy to make and whips up quickly with the use of chunky yarn.  For this particular item, I used a chunky yarn found at A.C. Moore – Stitch Studio by Nicole, Belle yarn in color Cream.  I used 1 large skein (263 yards) for this project. 


  • Size J crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Clear nail polish (optional)


Operating Procedures:

Purse Portion: 

Note:  The purse portion is worked in a continuous round/spiral.  Use a stitch marker to note end of each round. 

With J hook, chain (ch) 30 stitches (st)

Round 1:  Single crochet (sc) 2 in 2nd ch from the hook.  Continue with 27 sc in each ch across.  In last ch, sc 4.  Working on the back side of the ch and working the tail into your work, 27 sc in each ch across.  In the final ch, work 2 sc (into the same stitch as the starting 2 sc in the 2nd ch from hook).  (62 stitches)

Round 2:  2 sc in each of the next 2 sc.  Continue with 27 sc in each sc across.  At opposite end, 2 sc in each of the next 4 stitches.  Continue with 27 sc in each sc across.  2 sc in each of the last 2 sc.  (70 stitches)

Round 3 and beyond:  Continue to work 1 sc in each st around (70 stitches).

Continue to work until purse is approximately 12” high.  Width of the purse will be approximately 14”. 

Final Round:  Loosely slip stich in all st across top of purse. (70 stitches).  Tie off and weave in ends.


Pocket Portion:

Note:  The pocket is worked in rows, not continuous rounds/spirals.

With J hook, ch 20 stitches.

Row 1:  In 2nd ch from hook, work 19 half double crochet (hdc) across.  Turn.

Row 2-11:  Ch 1.  19 hdc in each st across.  Turn.

Row 12:  Ch 1.  19 hdc in each st across.  Tie off leaving a long tail (approximately 2 feet). 

With yarn needle, sew pocket into the inside of the purse with yarn from the tail.  I placed the bottom of my pocket approximately 6 rows up from the bottom of the purse.  Sew onto the inside only, using the horizontal stitch inside the purse – see pic below.


Before attaching the handles and bow, spray a couple of coats of Scotchgard Needlecraft and Sewing Protector on the purse to keep from staining and to repel liquid. 


Attaching Handles:

Cut 9 yards of ribbon into 4 equal portions.  With handles centered on the purse, tie a double knotted bow around the handle and the 4th row from the top of the purse.  



Final Touches:

For a closure, I also tied in 2 12” pieces of yarn to the horizontal stiches on the inside of each side of the purse.  That way these can be tied together into a bow to keep the purse closed. 

On all of my cut ends of the ribbon and tie closures, I also dipped them in clear nail polish to keep them from unraveling. 


Closing Remarks:

Although this yarn (Stitch Studio by Nicole, Belle) is labeled as super bulky 6 weight, I find that it’s closer to weight 5 yarn.  You may have to slightly increase your hook size if the bulk of your chosen yarn is too thick for a J Hook.  For this project, I like to use the smallest hook that I can to reasonably work with the weighted yarn of choice.  That way, it keeps the stitching tight, to keep all contents inside your purse!  You can decrease the stitch count if you wish to keep the purse about 14” wide.  My gauge is 5 stitches = 2” and 8 rows = 3”. 

Don’t crochet?  No problem.  You can buy the finished project here

Feel free to sell finished items made from this pattern, however, please do not use my photos to market your item.